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What areas do you cover?

We cover all areas in the UK, so whether you are moving around the corner or to the other end of the country we will do it.

How much will it cost?

To receive an accurate quote please call us on 0121 533 1473.Each move is different in terms of volume, access, distance, Disassembly/reassembly and if the packing service or cleaning service is required. A free no obligation survey will ensure we know exactly what is needed of us and you will know who we are.

What size are your vehicles?

We have a range of vehicles from 3.5 Ton luton vans to 6 door container lorries. Our fleet is regularly maintained according to the law and we have breakdown assistance in place.

Will you move me abroad?

Yes, we will cover most EU countries. Please contact us with your requirements.

How much notice do you require?

We like 7 – 10 days’ notice prior to a move but are very aware of the process and understand the complications that can arise. Due to this we operate with flexibility where possible and are used to carrying out short notice emergency moves. Our office staff stay in touch with you throughout the period of booking and moving so that we can accommodate the usual delays associated with the surveyance process.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured throughout and are happy to show proof on request. We place standard cover of £25,000 included in the price for your goods.

Do you belong to any professional bodies?

Yes, we are proud members of the Which trusted traders and Checkatrade. We are also affiliated with the removals ombudsman under the really moving umbrella.

Do you Provide Packing Materials?

Yes, for local moves we provide a box and packaging set free of charge and collect after you have unpacked to reuse/recycle. Packaging for long distance moves are chargeable but our prices are highly competitive.

Do you offer storage?

Straight There have their own storage facilities. We have stored at our premises for over 10 years and the estate offers locked out of hours gates and 24-hour security. The unit is clean and regularly maintained and inspected. The unit benefits from CCTV and a sophisticated alarm system. Goods are stored in removal standard 250 CFT wooden crates.

Are my stored good insured?

Yes, insurance is included in the price up to the value estimated following your removals survey.

What can I store?

Anything can be stored other than perishable goods, living animals, plants and Items we are prohibited to move. These items are listed in our terms and conditions.

My move is delayed further than estimated?

Once your items are stored with us they will remain there until you are ready to come out.

Can you assist in packing my goods?

Straight There offer several packing services. From export packing and full house packing to the packing of a few expensive sentimental items. Our staff are all trained in the packing of personal items. We highly recommend professional packing. The cost of a packing service is relatively small considering the benefits it offers.

Are self-packed items covered by your insurance?

Unfortunately, only boxed items professionally packed by our teams are covered by our insurance which is industry standard. In the very unlikely event that a self-packed box was dropped, and items damaged consequently; straight there would resolve ourselves in accordance with our terms and conditions, as if covered by our insurance.

Are there any hidden costs that I should be aware of?

What we quote you for your move is what you pay. Based on the information we receive from you.

Does my furniture get placed according to my requirements?

Yes, we place your furniture in the correct rooms and position as desired. It is good practice to make sure your boxes are clearly labelled and that someone is available to direct your team at your new home.

How is my furniture protected?

We have furniture blankets, card and bubble wrap to cover furniture and webbing, straps and bungees to secure the items in the van. We also use padded covers for sofas and mattress covers for protection.

Will you dismantle and assemble my furniture?

Our staff are all experienced in the dismantling and reassembling of furniture. In most cases simple items will be included in the price which our sales staff will inform you of.
However, more complex items can be done but will carry additional charges. This will be pointed out to you on a visit by our staff to survey your property,

Do I need to unpack my chest of drawers for the move?

We recommend that anything that can rattle, break or fall out be packed, any soft materials i.e. Clothes, bedding, soft toys etc can be left in the drawers.

What about my washing machine and other appliances?

Connected appliances should be disconnected and secured where necessary using transport bolts. Those can be obtained from local suppliers authorised by the manufacturer. Our removal teams are strictly forbidden to tamper with electricity, gas or water supplies.

What should I do with flammable liquids, paint and gas cylinders?

Unfortunately, we are unable to carry any flammable items or paints. Insurance does not cover us for this.

Will you empty my loft?

Unfortunately, we are uninsured to go up into loft spaces which is standard across the industry. However, our teams will assist from below the hatch, to help you remove items with more ease.

What about transporting my fridge/ Freezer?

All fridges are transported upright so that it does not affect the gases and are fully protected on the back of the vehicle. We advise you to use as much of its contents and to not stock up the fridge prior to your move. Fridge items are best removed and placed into freezer bags.

Freezer items can be left in for a one day move, for long distance moves we advise you to empty and defrost the freezer prior to travel.

For Fridge/Freezers being stored these should be cleaned thoroughly inside with a strong solution of bicarbonate soda and hot water to avoid unpleasant odours,

Can you move us on a weekend?

Yes, we operate on weekends and bank holidays.

I work during the day; can you quote my move in the evening or early morning or weekend?

Our sales team work on weekends and up until 9pm throughout the week to accommodate.

Do your workers smoke?

Some of our team do smoke but do not smoke in or by the truck or your property and only on designated breaks.

Do I have to give a tip to your workers?

Only if you think so, the driver and porters hold 100% of tips. The team is very efficient and always try to cope with the toughest task.

What time will you turn up on move day?

We generally start at 8am but sometimes will ask to start earlier if possible and later on request.

Can you move us at short notice?

We have a fleet of 8 different vehicles and teams we often have to cater for delayed moves due to legal hiccups and never overbook. Straight There often have availability at short notice

Are you environmentally friendly with boxes?

Straight There recycle all our packaging. We will collect used packaging for local moves to re-use / recycle.

What other services do you offer?

To compliment our removals, packing and storage services we also offer cleaning and handyman services creating a one stop shop for your removals experience, ensuring a stress free and smooth transitions from home to home. A full range of cleaning services are offered to include deep cleans, carpets and appliances by experienced and professional Straight There Employees. Straight There Employees are available for basic handy man services but a substational portfolio of tried and tested contacts are available for more skilled jobs and those needing certification.